All the things I never thought I would use my iPad for

My family bought me an iPad for fathers day last year.  I have been completely surprised how much I use it professionally and personally.  Here are the ways I have been using it that I never expected:

  • The only computer I use at home (sometimes I don't turn on my laptop at work until lunch time either)
  • Never taking a laptop on a vacation again
  • Teaching my kids the alphabet, numbers, and simple arithmetic (I was shocked how well this worked & how much the kids were into it)
  • Watching Netflix
  • Letting kids use the iPad on vacation so I can sleep in
  • Tracking my finances on Mint (until I ditched Mint - that's for another blog post)
  • Writing blog posts (this one included)
  • Flipboard!
  • Playing casual games (I never used my iPhone or Android phone for this before)
  • Actually using Twitter
  • Finding creative commons images on Flickr
  • Reading articles sent from people at work after hours
  • Reading the blogs I follow in Google Reader
  • Looking at Pivotal tracker while I'm jumping from team to team at work
  • Giving very short presentations to clients and potential customers
  • Passing the iPad around when ordering dinner when friends are over - everybody gets what they want and I dont' have to take notes for 20 people
  • Demoing Pathfinder Projects to clients and potential clients
  • Reviewing specs for user stories
  • Writing test cases for user stories
  • Teaching my kids about pianos and drums


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