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Review: Making it Big in Software

In Making it Big in Software , Sam Lightstone has the ambitious task of giving you "all the information you need to jumpstart your software career: the best ways to get hired, move up, and blaze your way to the top!". It's an ambitious claim. I read the introduction that stated the book would give me the skills to get started and the skills to be a visionary and leader. Honestly, this seemed too broad a topic to cover in one book - even a 400+ page one. However, I decided to push on and evaluate if the book was a good read for our software apprentices. I ended up reading the whole book cover to cover. In my opinion the book succeeds in its mission. The book made me recall many of the mentoring discussions and off hand comments I have heard throughout my career from successful people. I enjoyed Lightstone's candor and his frank advice. Some ideas are big - if you want to be successful don't be a "cookie cutter" developer. Some are simple - e