The State of Scrum

I found this interesting article in the Agile Journal about Scrum. A few quotes stood out to me:
  • "When you consider that Scrum challenges teams to always be growing and improving, it makes sense that it has emerged as the most popular agile management method."
  • "Because the Scrum framework is so lightweight, it requires that none of its constituent parts be thrown out or ignored."
  • "Today, Scrum stands as the most popular agile management method. Its emphasis on communication and collaboration improves teams' performances and yields products that customers really want. Through the support of the Scrum Alliance, the integrity of Scrum's principles and processes is protected from the diluting forces of organizations that would prefer a pick-and-mix solution. With its balance of supportive structure and flexible freedom, Scrum appeals to managers and developers alike. After all, good work is a result that no one can argue with."
This article had a lot in it I thought was worth passing one. On one hand it describes Scrum in a concise way. It gives one explanation to the question, "Why do some Scrum teams fail to become high performance teams?" The answers is that you must follow all of the practices rather than picking and choosing. Finally, it acknowledges that Scrum is "Scrum is hard and disruptive." True, but it is still well worth the the effort once one sees the results.

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