The Death of Productivity

I don't often re-post from others' blogs. However, I came across a blog post worth passing on. In my career I have never understood working 60+ hours. Even in graduate school I'd work from 10am to 11pm - but only for 4 days a week! It worked for me. I was able to finish my Master's Degree (with thesis and research project) in less than a year. I was happy to be done and never thought about why things had gone so well. Thinking back, per task, I was not a hyper-productive worker. I was constantly suppressing the Shiny Object Syndrome. Apparently my secret was that less is more. That being said, Jeff Shutherland had an interesting post based on experience from a venture capital firm about company who work long hours and the results. He call s it The Maxwell Curve. Take a look:

The Maxwell Curve: Getting more production by working less!

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