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How to Interview and Hire a Good Project Manager

This is a topic near and dear to me these days. I have been blogging about leadership a lot recently and think some discussion about how to actually find and hire those with leadership skills is in order. When I think of the best project managers I end up talking about leaders more than the person who was a great developer turned PM. Generally speaking these folks are well guarded by their employers, but occasionally these folks come available due to need for growth, company closings or other unforeseen events. Especially with the economy the way it is, more of these folks are available now. So… how do you find them? If they are a looking for work, they are on the job boards or represented by a recruiter. Even if they are not you can find them because those with leadership attributes contribute to the community even when they are not collecting a paycheck. Look for blogs in the specific areas you are hiring for? Once you find an candidate ask yourself a couple of questions: Are t