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Customer Development for "Product You"

As a manager I've always found it hard to get honest feedback from employees and my management. In larger companies the feedback culture in management often boils down to: positive feedback leads to good reviews - which leads to expectations of paying higher bonus. Employees will give their managers good reviews even in anonymous 360 reviews. The solution LinkedIn's endorsement feature can a be used to get good feedback from people. It will tell you directly what you're bad, but it will tell you which are good at. Here is how it works    If you want to know if people generally think you are good at something Look at how many people endorse you for that skill.  If you have lots of endorsements for other skills, but none for the the skill you are watching. Guess what? People are telling you you don't have it. If you have a skill that you don't use often but you're wondering if you're any good at it Make sure its on your profile. If you get a nu

What Is A Product Showcase?

I couldn't find a simple description of a product showcase today so I wrote a quick one myself The showcase is an important part of product development. In it the product development team shows newly developed features to the company's stakeholders before releasing them to customers. It promotes early feedback (before the cost of change is too high), facilitates communication between roles in organizations and ensures the correct product is being built.